STIHL RMA460 V Self Propelled Cordless Mower (Use AK Batteries)


The STIHL RMA 460 V is the first self propelled lawn mower in the COMPACT battery range, giving AK battery users a full line of products to complete tasks around their homes. This lawn mower is compatible with the AK 20 or AK 30 battery, providing homeowners with performance options based on garden size. With a deck width of 19”, the RMA 460 V is highly maneuverable for quick and efficient grass cutting with each pass. Its 60L grass catcher allows for more grass cutting and less stopping, while the handle bar is easily adjustable for user comfort. The RMA 460 V is great for small to medium-sized lawns. Run time may vary based on battery type, charge level and capacity, model, operating style and conditions. Batteries and chargers can be purchased separately or as a combined kit with the skin.

Only use AK20 or AK30 Batteries.

*Price excluding battery and charger.


Technical data

Cutting width cm46
Cutting height mm25-100
Grass catcher (l) l60
Cutting width cm46
Cutting height mm35-90
Grass Catcher Volume l60
Cutting width cm46
Engine rated voltage V28


  • Grass Catching
Grass Catching

70 litre grass catcher box with textile catcher bag

  • Second AP Slot
Second AP Slot

For Transportation and storage of a second AP battery. Battery not connected.

  • Foldable handlebar

Foldable handlebar

Foldable handlebar for space saving storage

  • Part Time ECO - MODE
Part Time ECO – MODE

Energy saving. More lawn to mow Can be switched „On“ or „Off“

  • Cutting height adjustment
Cutting height adjustment

Easy to adjust. 7 Positions. 35 – 90 mm.


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