STIHL RB 800 – 10.5 kW 4200PSI Petrol Pressure Washer


Powerful 10.5 kW petrol pressure washer for professional users. Easy to Start. Comfortable holder and parking position for the high pressure gun. Comfortable holders to store the high pressure nozzles and high pressure hose. With foldable handlebar,detergent intake to suck detergent from any external reservoir, cage frame for perfect protection of the motor-pump-unit. Quick coupling at the high pressure pistol, high pressure hose and the high pressure outlet of the pump. Comfortable and ergonomic second handle at the high pressure pistol. Pressure adjustment at the pump for perfect use in any application.



DISPLACEMENT429 cc (26.2 cu. in.)
FUEL CAPACITY7.0 L (7.4 qt.)
WATER FLOW910 L/h (4.0 gpm)
DIMENSIONS HANDLE DOWN832 x 787 x 813 mm (32.75 x 31 x 32″)
DIMENSIONS HANDLE UP851 x 787 x 1162 mm (33.5 x 31 x 45.75″)
WEIGHT76 kg (168 lbs)


Model Features

  • RB Easy Start Pump SystemZoom

    Easy Start Pump System
    The Easy Start Pump System features a pressure relief valve, allowing users to start the unit without any back pressure from the pump. It enables quick, easy starting with no hard cord pulls.

  • RB Stainless Steel High Pressure & Brass Detergent NozzlesZoom

    Stainless Steel High Pressure & Brass Detergent Nozzles
    This pressure washer includes stainless steel nozzles for use with high-pressure water and a brass nozzle for use with detergent. These premium nozzles are designed to resist corrosion and wear.

  • RB 2-Piece Lance & Gun AssemblyZoom

    2-Piece Lance & Gun Assembly
    This pressure washer features an easy, convenient 2-piece lance and gun assembly. The lance design is also extended for better accuracy in tall applications.

  • RB Easy-Access Inlet & Outlet Water ConnectionsZoom

    Easy-Access Inlet & Outlet Water Connections
    Both inlet (water coming into the pump) and outlet (water going from the pump to the gun) connections are easy to access for faster setup

  • RB Automatic Fuel Shut-Off Valve (RB 400, 600, 800 only)Zoom

    Automatic Fuel Shut-Off Valve 
    This pressure washer features a combined on/off and fuel valve control. This allows the user to shut unit off and close fuel valve automatically for easy, no-mess transport.

  • RB Anti-Vibration System (RB 400, 600, 800 only)Zoom

    Anti-Vibration System 
    This pressure washer features a STIHL-engineered 4-point vibration isolation system. This reduces pump vibration during use for increased unit longevity.


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