STIHL AP Battery & Charger


AL 101 standard charger: $69
AL 300 Quick Charger: $139
AL 500 Super Charger: $229


AP 200: $239
AP 300: $269

AR 1000 backpack battery: $999

AR 3000 backpack battery: $1349


Price: AL 101 charger$69.00 *


AL 101 standard charger

Charger for the STIHL COMPACT cordless power system. With operating mode indicator (LED) and cable tie with Velcro tape. The charger can be wall mounted if required.

Technical data
Power output75.0 W
Weight0.7 kg
Voltage240 V
Price: AL 300 quick charger $139.00 *

AL 300 Quick ChargerZoom

AL 300 Quick Charger

Quick charger for STIHL Lithium-ion batteries. With operating mode indicator and integral air cooling. The AL 300 quick charger takes 75 minutes for 100% charge of AP 300 battery. Rated voltage: 240 V.

Technical data
Power output330.0 W
Voltage240 V



Price: AL 500 quick charger $229.00 *

AL 300 Quick Charger

AL 500 Super Charger

With the increase in battery capacities the new AL 500 Super Charger enables extremely rapid charging to minimise down time and allow increased productivity. Charging the AP 180 to 100% in 30 minutes and the AR 900 backpack battery to 100% in 130 minutes the AL 500 Super Charger is aimed at the professional landscapers using the STIHL cordless range. The reduced charge times make the STIHL cordless power system even more desirable and allows all day working in the professional area.

Technical data
Power output570.0 W
Voltage240 V
 STIHL batteries can be charged with either the AL 101 standard charger, the AL 300 quick charger or the AL 500 super charger. Each charger features a different charging capacity (Watt). The AL 300 has active cooling for even faster charging. When used for prolonged periods – by professional gardeners, for example – you are advised to use two batteries to save time.

A comparison of battery charging times: (Click to the Cordless Product Advisor to see an overview of the required charging times of the various batteries)




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