Oil Change Service Kit


Suitable for all Greatbull products:

  • GBD601A
  • GBD601AH
  • GBD601C
  • GBD601CH
  • GBD601CK (Key Start)
  • GBK65
  • GBK65H
  • GBK130
  • GBK130H
  • GBK130K (Key Start)

A Kit That Contains All You Need To Keep Your Chipper Shredder In Running Order. The Kit Includes A Suction Pump A Filling Funnel And An Oil Collecting Basin Which Is All You Need To Remove And Replace Oil.

Engine oil change tips:

Step 1: Siphon out the old oil

Step 2: Collect spent oil in disposal container

Step 3: Refill with fresh oil

Note: please contact our service centre on 03 9583 3398 if you need any assistance. 



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