HONDA HRE370 Electric Mowers


Limited Stocks!!!

This innovative and easy to use mower is ideal for manicuring those smaller suburban lawns, where the power and range of Honda’s larger lawnmowers aren’t required.

Also great for older homeowners or those unable to push around a large lawnmower, the HRE370 Electric Mower provides Honda technology and famous reliability in the lightest possible design.

Simply plug in to your home’s wall socket and mow away. Environmentally friendly, this mower does not emit any fuel or exhaust fumes so you and your family will breathe easy with the HRE370 Electric Mower!

4 Years Warranty


– Ideal for manicuring smaller lawns

– Powerful and reliable 1.3 kw electric motor

– Lightweight rustproff polymer deck with 14.5” cut

– Compact design for easy use and storage

– Lightweight dacron catcher with rear strap for easy emptying

– Environmentally friendly – no fuel or exhaust fumes


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