STIHL HLE71 Electric Long-reach Hedge Trimmer


Adjustable 0-125° cutting head, ensuring hedges can be tackled from all angles and providing the operator with comfort and versatility of use. Ideal for large hedges, tall plants and long grass around the home.


Technical data

Rated voltage V230-240
Power output W600
Weight kg 1)5.9
Blade length cm500
Total length cm 2)2.110


Standard features

  • Cable strain reliefZoom
    Cable strain relief

    The cable strain relief prevents the power cable from becoming accidentally disconnected.

  • Carrying systemZoom
    Carrying system

    Every standard model is fitted with that carrying system which makes the job easier and much more comfortable.

  • Loop handleZoom
    Loop handle

    The loop handle provides a large degree of freedom for movement and ease of operation, even under cramped conditions.

  • Soft grip handleZoom
    Soft grip handle

    The soft grip makes working with the machine more comfortable as well as absorbing vibrations from the engine unit.


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