Echo GT22GES Line Trimmer


This curved shaft line trimmer is lightweight with low vibration levels, precise balance and superb build quality for ease of operation. It features a 21.2cc 2-stroke engine for power and reliability and ECHO’s unique ‘ES’ Starting System for reduced starting effort. It’s perfect for small yards & home use.

  • ECHO ‘ES’ Easy Start System for effortless and comfortable engine starting
  • Soft rubber grip keeps your hands vibration free
  • Lightweight for ease of use
  • Tap-and-Go trimmer head is convenient and easy to use


Dry Weight4.5 kg
Displacement21.2 cc
Output0.7 kw
Length145 cm

Note: The price of $299 is the special website price. It applies to you because you have done the research and read the information on our website. It saves us time when you come to our store to buy the product. And time is money. So print out this page and take it with you when you come to our store. At the very least let us know you have visited our website. Or the standard price applies.


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