BWM C90 Plate Compactor – Robin 5HP Engine 15KN With Wheels

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The BMW C-90 plate compactor is a quality unit and is powered by Robin 5HP 4 stroke petrol engine. It is used to compact sand, soil, brick paving, turf, screenings and is suitable for pavers, general contractors and light industrial applications. The unit compacts at a force of 15KN using a 500mm x 450mm plate size.

Easy to control and very manoeuvrable. It provides a smooth compacted surface quickly and efficiently.


Engine: Robin 5 HP/3.7KW Engine

Centrifugal Force: 15KN

Plate Size: 500mm x 450mm

Efficiency: 450m2/h

Travel Speed: 25cm/s

Compaction Depth: 30cm

Net Weight: 92KG

Warranty: 12 Months Compactor Warranty, 

                    3 Years Engine Warranty,


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