Log Splitter

Stock up for winter with a quality log splitter from B.W. Machinery that will make short work of filling the woodshed. We have a number of quality brands capable of handling domestic or commercial work. Our kinetic log splitters will quickly split logs in under two seconds.

Split timber logs efficiently with our heavy-duty petrol log splitters. The hands-free inbuilt log cradles keep you safer, and the options for vertical or horizontal operation will save your back, even over long periods of operation. Most machines feature a tow hitch for simple transportation.

If you only need your log splitter once or twice a year, then why not look at our hire options? We offer very reasonable hire rates on a range of products, so you can hire a chainsaw and trailer too for that weekend wood gathering blitz.

Log Splitter for Sale

If you often need to clear trees around your property, then you will find our log splitters are invaluable. Quickly and easily transform that pile of hazardous, unwieldly tree segments into manageable wedges, ready to stack and store.

We have a range of log splitters for sale, and if you are wondering which one is right for you simply give us a call. Our knowledgeable team are spread across three convenient Melbourne locations, and would be happy to help you find the right product at an unbeatable price.