Stihl Concrete Saw

When it comes to reliable and efficient cutting power, the Stihl concrete saws deliver every time. With a variety of different models, you have the choice of traditional 2-stroke engines or cordless battery designs.

All Stihl concrete saws feature an innovative, low-maintenance air filtration system, eliminating ambient dust so you can keep working. These saws also offer easy manoeuvrability and can be used to cut above and below ground. They can be hand operated or mounted on a cart with water tank attachment.

Cut through natural stone, reinforced concrete, general masonry or sewerage pipes, even in tight spots or against right-angled corners.

The water circuits and guide bars on the Stihl concrete saws offer efficient rinsing and enhanced water flow, prolonging the life of your chain and suppressing the dust produced when using the cutting wheel.

Stihl Concrete Saw for Sale in Melbourne

Talk to a member of the B.W. Machinery team if you are considering a Stihl concrete saw for your business. We have the professional range suitable for concreters, plumbers, bricklayers, and landscapers.

With three Melbourne stores, in Oakleigh, Seaford and Cheltenham, as well as an online store for your convenience, you are sure to find the equipment to meet your needs in the B.W. Machinery range.