Stihl Blower and Vacs

For a great range that will actually make you look forward to the weekend tidy-up, try Stihl blowers and vacs. The electric and battery powered blowers offer units that are affordable to purchase and economical to run. They are also quieter to operate – saving your ears and helping you keep the peace with your neighbours.

Stihl’s electric blowers are lightweight and easy to manoeuvre, as are their compact and balanced battery blowers. The LED charge level indicators take the guesswork out of using a battery powered blower, and the wall holder gives you a practical storage and charging station in one.

Stihl Blower and Vacs for Sale in Melbourne

If you are looking for something more robust, then go with the petrol powered Stihl blowers and vacs. Considered one of the best manufacturers for blowers and vacs, the Stihl range gives you the choice of handheld blowers and back packs. They are designed for both domestic and commercial users and will not let you down.